We're on Spotify

We're on Spotify

Did I just launch a newsletter radio show?

Going to keep this super brief. Attack & Flux now has a podcast/radio show counterpart live on Spotify.


• Let's face it. I'm a wordy bastard and some of these articles can demand more attention than we're willing to give. Consuming A&F can be easier!

• I feel like the musical nature of Attack & Flux lends itself uniquely to the tools Spotify presents for podcasters.

• I feel like these would be generally more fun in a more lively format.

• I want to baby step towards interviewing people!

What can you expect?

• A 1-1 copy of the written newsletter narrated by yours truly! What you see here is what you will hear there.

• An easy and intuitive way to listen to music recommendations. Spotify allows for the embedding of full songs and albums into a podcast

• The first few moments of each podcast will consist of less than 10 minutes of speech. A personal update. A quote to consider. You know the deal.

• For Spotify Premium users, the podcast will then play right into the music, you don't have to do anything, it will feel like a radio show! Sit back and enjoy

Bonus content: I can expound upon certain concepts or ideas more easily, so podcast listeners will get a bit more insight into topics perhaps.

I will try and release these as companions to weekly newsletters, so you will get to take your pick of written or spoken word. Best of all, the podcast travels with you, you can hit play and continue with your day, no need to stop and read if it's too demanding.

Best part? Our first episode is live right now. Go listen and make sure to follow the show so you never miss an episode!

👋 Until next time...

I understand how sacred privacy is in our day and I feel tremendously honored when someone trusts me enough to let me into their inbox week after week. Thanks for being here ❤️.

If something resonated from this edition please do not hesitate to reach out, I hope for this to be a two-way communication channel. Let's chat.